All that Matters... The Art of Ivaan Kotulsky in Retrospect

An exhibition of jewellery, sculpture and objets d'art by renowned metal artist Ivaan Kotulsky - On display until October 31st, 2009.

Ivaan Kotulsky once said that his entire life has been a journey towards freedom. From his early childhood in rural Alberta to the
bohemian years in his atelier on Toronto’s Yonge Street; from his heady turn as an award-winning photojournalist to his single-minded
determination to forge a life creating metal art, Ivaan managed, with exceptional style, to reject the conventions and expectations of his
immigrant community, while maintaining ties to family, faith and heritage.

Inspired by Lalique and Guimard, but especially by the artists of the Renaissance, Ivaan made objects of incredible beauty in gold, silver,
bronze, copper, pewter, platinum and steel, as well as his personal blend of steel and chrome. Ivaan used the ancient process of lost wax
casting. He preferred to do his own polishing and finishing in order to control the quality of his final product. Nature and music were
frequent influences, as was his Ukrainian heritage. Ivaan said that his art was literally a manifestation of what was occurring inside his
head. “Art is art. Its language is universal.” This exhibition celebrates Ivaan’s 40-year love affair with molten metal.